Lamb & Chicken

Lamb Proven├žal

Tender lamb braised with capsicum, tomatoes, eggplant & dill

Guinness lamb pie

Tender lamb braised with Guinness beer, potatoes, onions and fresh herbs

Chicken Forestier

chicken breast cooked with tomatoes , mushrooms with dash of white wine

Chicken and leek

Chicken breast, leek cooked in creamy white sauce with dash of white wine


Spinach and ricotta roll

Fresh spinach, ricotta cheese, pepper and spices

Vegetarian pie

Red beans, braised with onions, carrot, corn, and spices.


Beef burgundy pie

Tender chunks of beef braised in red wine with carrot, onions and fresh herbs

Steak and mushroom pie

Premium chunk steak braised with mushrooms, onion and black pepper

Beef mince pie

premium beef mince cooked with tomatoes, onion and seasoning

Sausage roll

Quality premium beef mince, onion, sourdough bread crumbs & seasoning